The Soulmate (2024)


Nan Yu, the Mary Sue protagonist of a game whose only mission is to pursue boys, wakes up in the Republic of China as a forensic doctor examining corpses. A mysterious will dictates that she must solve a murder case to return to her original world. However, she must also compete with Gao Han, the male protagonist of a detective game, for control of their body, and only one of them can return home. Given Nan Yu’s expertise on love, and Gao Han, devoting his life to solving murder cases, Nan Yu recognizes her disadvantage and seeks an alternative approach. However, the case proves more complex than anticipated, with societal intricacies mirroring Al’s world. Left with no choice, Nan Yu proposes an alliance with Gao Han, recognizing their mutual need.

Also known as: Lovely Detective Twins Detective Shuang Sheng Meng Tan Tian Xin Meng Tan 双生萌探 雙生萌探


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: , ,

Starring: , , , , ,

The Soulmate (2024) full episodes

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